Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Failure as a blogger. Success as a teacher. Sort of.

Soooooo...the idea of this blog was to write a post every couple of days or near there abouts. Clearly that has been a massive fail on my part, as I haven't updated it for a month! I am jumping firmly back onto the blogging bandwagon today though! I enjoy writing these posts so I don't know why I have slacked so much, as there has certainly been enough amusing material for them! I just got a little backlogged with them and then there was just too much to catch up on in a post so I just put it off. A combination of busy-ness and laziness.

I'm not going to bore you to death with a epically long post detailing all of my comings and goings in the past month. Instead I shall just say that it has been eventful! The usual really: administrative nightmares, some confused students, a very confused me, and the usual hilarities to seem to ensue whilst I'm in France. Nothing monumental to report. I did also go back to good old Angleterre for the 10 day holiday at the end of november. This was lovely! I don't really get homesick, but it really did make me appreciate England and all of its familiarity. The journey-ing around with a very heavy suitcase was a part of the trip that is best left forgotten though.

So...let's spring forward into the present and continue with the blogging!

Today and yesterday have been pretty good days! The only down side is that I have been absolutely knackered (and nearly fell asleep twice in the staff room yesterday) but other than that I have felt good about things! Several things have contributed to this good mood:
  • I actually had food which I would consider palatable in the school canteen!
  • Had a few successful and nice conversations with people in french (this has been a bit of a rarity for me recently and it was starting to get a bit depressing never being understood!) My favourite was with the bakery lady who I love a little bit.
  • I had an enquiry for some private english lessons with a boy who is going to be a french assistant in England next year! This is something I think I would really enjoy.
  • My timetable is now a bit clearer and I have a better understanding of what I'm actually doing.
  • Some of the pupils have been really lovely and quite funny. One girl even told her teacher she'd really enjoyed the lesson with me!
  • The lessons which I feared might be very difficult this week were actually successful and the students were chatty and interested.
  • I get a 4.5 day weekend every other week, and the other weeks it's 3 days.
  • Aaaaaand the most exciting of all...I'm going to Paris with the school on Sunday!
So that kind of sums it up. Very excited about the Paris trip. It costs 25 euros and we are taking a coach there and we get a boat-ride down the Seine as well. I should be able to meet up with Darvill briefly too which will be nice, as I haven't seen him since the summer! Aaaand now Hannah gets to come too, so it's even better!

Tomorrow is November 11th which is a national holiday in France. I am attending Lillers memorial procession which should be interesting. I believe I am attending as a school/British representative but it may also be useful for the project I have to write.

Friday, as a favour, I have 2 lessons to teach. But not just any old lessons...I am teaching our visiting Turkish students from the partner-school! Should be interesting, seeing as english is the only common language between us all, and obviously they won't be fluent!

The only blemish on my time in France at the moment will be Monday. Monday happens to be my 21st birthday. A cause for celebration, I know, but I am a little depressed about having to spend my 21st here in France, without any of my family or friends from home. I will also be pretty much card-less and gift-less on the day too, as obviously it is not practical to send presents over to me! (Therefore I have felt justified in being some presents to myself this year! haha). I am celebrating it with my parents when I go back for Christmas which will be nice, but obviously not quite the same. Especially as I have to work from 8am on the actual day! But...fear not! Hannah, Luisiadh and myself are heading to Arras for dindins on Monday which should be lovely!

That is all for now! Sorry about the temporary blockade in my blog. I am back on form now...promise!

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