Monday, 15 November 2010

Today is my 'anniversaire'!

As the title is my 21st birthday!!!

As some of you may know, this is a day that I have not been looking forward to spending in France. far it's not too bad! I got up this morning and got ready etc as normal and hot-footed off to school for my 8am lesson (after leaving Hannah at the station, as she stayed here last night). I was meant to have 5 hours of lessons in a row today, 8am - 1pm. My first 3 lessons went fine. A bit quiet but generally pretty good. It's very bizarre though spending the day with no one knowing that it's your birthday. And I'm not the sort of person who would go around reminding people! It hasn't felt like my birthday at all, but I say that every year regardless of where I am.

Anyway, I had my last 2 lessons sort of cancelled in favour of some turkish presentation at here I am at school! I went and bought lunch and cakes on my way home and then came back and opened my cards and presents on my lonesome. All very low-key! Obviously my parents didn't want to send any valuable gifts in the post, so I will be celebrating my birthday properly with them when I go home for the Christmas holidays. My nan did send me a £50 cheque though, so that's pretty good! My mum claims to have sent me a padded brown envelope which I am yet to receive.And my friend Laura said she sent me something and wrote the address but forgot to put my name on the I hope that will turn up too! I had presents from ivo and Paul to open, which they gave me yesterday in Paris. They bought me some lovely-looking champagne bless them! And also a few cute little random gifts. (The sausage-dog pen is my personal fave!).

It's just as well that I will be getting gifts from my parents when I'm back for Christmas, as I still haven't decided what I would actually like! Although when I get my next french pay-cheque I think I may treat myself to something nice. What with it being my 21st and me being in France for it, something to remember it by and all that malarky. (Incidentally, 21 is not a significant birthday in France. Who'd have known eh?)

It is odd not having a birthday cake and the such-like, but the day has been fine (much better than I had feared!). I tend to find birthdays a bit awkward anyway. However, this shall not be a sign of birthdays to come and I will be taking full advantage of being at home next year.

Tonight Hannah, Luisiadh and myself and actually venturing further than Bethune for once and are heading to Arras for dinner! I am looking forward to this muchly. (Although I have an 8am lesson tomorrow which I am looking forward to considerably less). We even get to stay out until 10pm tonight as the train timetable is being particularly kind. Get a load of us eh?!

Well I guess that is all for now then! I am off to potter around, skype my parents and possibly even have a little nap! (Who says I'm getting old?)

Love Hannah xxx


  1. Bonjour Hannah! (that's as far as my french goes)

    I hope your Birthday isn't as dismal as you make it sound? I was thinking of you all day and hope that you have a lovely evening. Happy 21st Birthday.

    Lots of love, Nikki xxx

  2. Thanks Noo! Haha no it wasn't that dismal, although it does sound pretty bad here! I had a lovely evening with the girlies last night so was good. I shall update the blog with this news tomorrow! Thanks for the comment lovely :) xxx


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