Sunday, 21 November 2010

Another quiet Sunday in France

As the title suggests, Sundays are very quiet in France. Shops don't really open here. So if you've forgotten to do any food shopping on Saturday then you're screwed for lunch! Pair that with the fact that there's lesson planning etc to do for the coming week and it's the last day in a 3 or 4 day weekend for us assistants...Sunday's are generally pretty quiet at the moment.

I feel like I've become incredibly lazy in France, as I never feel like I've had enough sleep and always wait to stay in my cosy duvet. But I dragged myself out of bed at a reasonable hour this morning because it makes me feel much more productive that way, and I knew I had some stuff to do. So far I have only conquered washing my make up brushes, but such is life!

Yesterday Hannah, Luisaidh and myself went to a little shopping centre place in Bruay, not too far away. It had erm...a limited selection of shops, but we were fairly entertained by the supermarket so this was alright! I found a birthday card to send to my Nan. Which is quite an accomplishment in France! Clearly birthday cards are not popular. The one I have sent is a bit ridiculous and comes in a pink floral envelope, but the sentiment's there! I also bought some hideously over-priced makeup in the supermarket. I never would have paid that much for it in the UK, but I wanted it! Aaand they're things which aren't available in the UK, so that's acceptable right? We obviously had two visits to our local favourite cafe, La Halle, but that sort of goes without saying.

When i got home I watched the X Factor. That and The Apprentice are the highlight of my week! Haha. I desperately want to see the new Harry Potter film right now! Haha. I keep seeing other people commenting on how great it is! I refuse to watch a shitty dubbed version with french voices for my favourite wizards! However, I seem to have found a few cinemas which will be showing it in all of its original english glory. Will definitely have to view this at least twice, being as there is little else to do in Nord-pas-de-Calais!

I am rather excited about the opening of the Christmas markets. I'm not sure if I mentioned this in my last post, but oh well! It means there will be something to dooooo! I am hoping they will sell some cute little gifts for the family. I feel like I should turn up at Christmas with at least a few french things! Luisaidh also pointed out to me today the reeeeally cheap flights we can get from Brussels airport, which looks exciting! At the moment I really feel like I should be doing more things with my time in France! Visiting more places, seeing more sights, absorbing more culture and all that jazz. I am conscious that after Christmas the time here will probably fly by! I am definitely up for another (longer) visit to Paris. So Darvill if you are reading this, that is me inviting myself to sleep on your sofa in the near future!

I suppose that is all for now. Should really go and do something productive. Perhaps planning my (inevitably dreadful) lessons for tomorrow. And I also need to find some food for lunch and dinner. Being that I made this faux-pas of needing to buy bread today and being unable to.
P.S. Most exciting purchase of yesterday = Baked Beans. Actual baked beans. From the Brit section of the supermarket. They're not Heinz (and what does Heinz mean Luisaidh?), they're Branston, but swings and roundabouts eh?!

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