Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Un weekend fantastique!

As you can guess by the title, I had a very good weekend!

For a start, Harry Potter was really good! Well...if you hadn't read the books then actually I can imagine it's a bit boring and confusing. But, being an avid HP reader I suffered from none of this confusion! I was surprised at just how busy the screen was as it was the english version. But clearly the frenchies are more up for 'sous-titre' reading than we had first thought! I LOVED some of the subtitles. Wand is 'la baguette' in french...who's have thought eh?! 'Hermione, give me your baguette'. Was just a bit too chilidishly funny for me to cope.

Hannah and I also indulged in a little retail therapy which was rather good. Lille was actually pretty quiet in the morning. The same could not be said from the afternoon onwards. It was absoultey manic! We were also surrounded by many british people. Whilst I was slightly comforted with that 'I am amongst friends' feeling, I also didn't want to be mistaken for an obnoxious british tourist! I'll have you know I am an employee of the state!

Due to this horrendous busy-ness we couldn't actually find the Christmas Market. Ridiculous, I know. We were drawn to a massive ferris wheel that we'd seen earlier though. It was all very pretty and lit up. So we queued for the ferris wheel. It was a lovely christmassy atmosphere, with festive songs playing and appropriate street decorations. I shall insert a photo of the aforementioned ferris wheel now. It was dreadful.

As you see, it's huge. 50 metres high apparently. I was assured, from a distance, that it wouldn't possibly be open-air due to its height and the fact that it spins quite fast! I was mistaken. No british health and safety standards here. Well, I think it's safe to say we were fairly terrified by the height. The spinning was fine it was the continuous stopping which we did not enjoy. And we were very much shown up by a young child who was loving life. How embarrassing for us. HOWEVER, one good thing did come of this wheel... we spotted the market from up high! It looked lovely, but unfortunately we had to go and get our train home so didn't have time to investigate...so perhaps next weekend!

As for my working week so far...I still have not managed to get hold of my 'responsable' to inform her just how dreaful her class was last week. These students requested to join my class yesterday too. I politely declined. Yesterday's lessons went quite well though. And a very sweet girl waited behind at the end of her class to come up to me and say (in english) 'I love your clothes. Where do you go shopping?'. She is now my favourite student.

No 8am lesson today! Always a good thing.  However I left my house to discover that a considerable amount more of snow had appeared overnight. I then promptly slipped over in the snow about a minute later. Tres embarrassing. Luckily I don't think anyone saw. How horrendous. I then continued my walk to school very carefully and very slowly. How mortifying would it be to fall over in front of the students? I might actually cry from shame.

I must return to school at 2pm. Although the teacher I spoke to is unsure if I will have classes or not. Brilliant. I bloody well hope I am not trekking there again for no reason! I also have a class I haven't had before at all. Hmmm. I sort of hope they don't turn up, as I am unsure of what to actually do with them!

Well this is all. Au revoir for now. xxx

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