Thursday, 18 November 2010

End of my week

Once again I have reached the end of my teaching week! (Thursday 1pm on 'odd' weeks, Wednesday 12pm on 'even' weeks). I am fairly relieved about this as I could do with a couple of days off. I have things that I need to catch up on and my uni project to make a start on. Aaaand of course I want to fit in watching the Snow White DVD I brought back with me!

I don't really want to stay in ALL weekend though, so I am toying with the idea of venturing furhter afield tomorrow (as there is better public transport on Fridays than at weekends), but who knows.

Not much to report from these last few days if I'm honest. Just the usual. Dinner on Monday night for my birthday was lovely (thanks girls!). Then I received the various things that people had sent me in the post. I greatly appreciated my weekly trashy magazines that my mummy sent me! Lessons have been so-so. My timetable is now clearer, but I am still getting a bit frustrated about not being told an awful lot. I never know if I'm getting the same students as last time or how many are going to turn up. This week this resulted in me turning up with my lesson plan on school uniform to find that 1 of the 3 students had already done this. Brilliant. So I had to just plan games with them! If there's around 30 students in a class then what's the logic in sending me the same selection every week?! It's frustrating because I am never sure of what to plan. And most of my lessons are extra hours for the students instead of just being during their normal english lesson, so half of them 'forget' to turn up anyway. Grrr.

But aside from this irritation the week has been good! For once there is nothing particularly amusing to report. I feel like maybe I'm starting to blend in because locals have started to ask me things on the street! Clearly disappointed when I reply in my franglais accent though! As if my information MUST be incorrect because I am English. Despite the fact that I have answered their question adequately in french.

I am glad Prince Wills has decided to get engaged this week as it inspired a lesson plan on the Royal Family! I did it today and it seemed to go well. I even had activities left over that there wasn't time for! This is generally unheard of, as usually I have to make something up for the last 10 mins. I had to improvise an entire hour yesterday as I was asked to teach an extra hour as a favour. But I had no lesson plans or handouts with me. And I ended up with students from 2 different school years. It seemed to go ok though. I attempted to just chat with them. I discovered that they were all supporting England in the England v France football game last night (which we lost...). And one of the boys told me I look like an actress. But he doesn't know which one. Fantastic haha.

I got an email to tell me I should receive my erasmus money on Monday yay!! Very exciting indeed, as I had feared it might not come in til after December. There are a few things I have my eye on at the moment (online UK shopping obvs, not french merchandise!) and the boots I've wanted for aaages are finally in stock. BUT i'm going to restrain myself. At least for a little while anyway. Anyone that knows me will be shocked to find out that I even purchased my first Christmas gift the other day! Oh yes. AND I'm quite excited about the Christmas markets that are slowly popping up in Nord-pas-de-Calais.

Wellllllll this is all for now! However, I am going to insert my first photo of the blog and leave you with this lovely photo I took in Paris on Sunday, of the Eiffel Tower. (YES okay, the beautiful sunset was hardly my doing, AND the tower itself is a tad blurry, but shut up, it's pretty anyway!!). You can click it for a slightly bigger version.

Love xxx

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