Sunday, 6 March 2011

Back In France

This is just going to be s short-ish post as I have many other tasks to get done this sunny Sunday afternoon!

The two-week half term holiday has just passed and I spent mine break back in good old Angleterre. I wasn't actually going to, but with no one else here and wanting to not spend ridiculous amounts of money, I decided it was the best option.

I had a really nice, albeit slight chaotic, time at home. Just the usual really. Made the rounds of family and friends. Whenever I go through the eurostar terminal on my way home I always feel that slightly strange sensation of 'oh I can English now'. Swiftly followed by 'oh I actually blend in here and won't be stared at like a foreign weirdo on my daily travels'. Always nice to know. Not a lot to report from that really. Although I will mention (purely because I'm so proud of it) that I managed to travel ridiculously light! I packed up my tiny suitace and even had space to spare. The same can not be said for teh return journey, where my mother had plied me with hot cross buns (amongst other things) to bring back. As you can imagine, the buns are now rather squashed. But still tasty!

So...I have been back in France for 4 days now.
And I am bloody bored.

If you asked me what I'd be doing if I was in the UK instead right now, then I'm not quite sure. But I know that whatever it was I wouldn't be this bored!

I don't know if bored's the right word really. More just...'blah'. I had a strong sense of this before I left for the holidays but figured I just needed a break to shake things up a little. But I have returned to the same feeling, stronger than ever. I have only had myself and these four walls for company for the last 4 days, so I imagine this hasn't helped. Although I don't mind my own company, having days od nothing-ness just makes me feel unproductive and lazy.

Don't get me wrong, I love the charm of the area of France that I am in and even the charm of my little town. But I think I'm getting a little cabin fever-ish now, what with living alone in a tiny place. France is generally not a country of convenience either, so I find it difficult to think of places to just 'go'. I really value the experience that I've had so far on my year abroad and love where I am, but I also can't help but be a little envious of those who are in big towns with lots of other assistants. But everyone's experience is different!

I have, however, just booked my TGV tickets to go and stay with Paul and Ivo is Paris for a few days in 2 weeks time which I'm rather excited about! It'll be really nice to see them and, let's not pretend the city is of no consequence,'ll be fabulous being in Paris! And then 2 weeks after that my mum is coming to stay with me for the weekend, so I will again have some more company. I'm hoping these trips will break up the monotony!

Back to teaching tomorrow! Now this is another reason as to why I've been feeling a bit 'blah'. I do actually like my job. But what I don't like is turning up to countless classes where the students don't come. Or where 2 turn up. What use am I when there are no students? It annoys me because I have to plan the lessons, I have to come to school for them. And then I wait for half an hour and no one turns up. When I tell my colleagues their response is generally just sort of 'oh'. Gahh. It's so frustrating. Some of these kids I haven't seen since the first week of December!
Apparently my list of pupils changes this week. Not that I've been informed. Oh and apparently half the final year students have exams so won't be around. Not that I've been informed. Stupid french organisation.

I'm not really feeling particularly 'teacher-like' at the moment. Having returned to uni for a few days I just feel like a student again. Teaching is far too much responsibility for me!

I am toying with extending my contract at the moment. I definitely wasn't going to. And then I definitely was. And now I'm definitely not sure. I would really like to, but not if I'm going to be in this 'blah' state of mind permanently for the next 12 weeks. The main spanner in the works though is that the interviews for a summer job I've applied for (and really want!) may clash with that extension time. In which case, no can do. But I need to make my mind up pretty sharpish, as the deadline is very soon! I haven't actually mentioned it to my school yet though, so they might not even agree to it!

Well I'm gonna go now. Lesson planning and the such-like to do. I hate lesson-planning. I've decided I must have absolutely no imagination, because I just don't know what tasks to get the kids to do!


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  1. Just discovered your blog and will certainly be following your French adventures! :)

    I too had to spend my third year of uni in France. It was kind of lonely at times but I have such fond memories of it and the friends I made there. Whereabouts are you?

    I wasn't a big fan of the teaching so chose not to extend my contract - but now I wish I had. I am considering heading back to France at some point to do it all again. I know what you mean about French organisation! There were so many occasions where teachers and students didn't turn up! One of my schools was really far away and a lot of the time I got there and wasn't needed - which was just plain annoying :(

    If you feel lonely (I know I did at times) and want someone to talk to (who has been through it before), I am here. Until then, looking forward to reading up about what you get up to! x x


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