Monday, 14 February 2011

V Day

I'm not entirely sure why I have entitled this post 'V Day', as really I don't plan on writing anything about Valentine's Day, I just happen to be posting on the 14th.

I am typing this from school, which is something that I never do, but I have some free time on my hands this morning and nothing to really fill it. To set the scene (as if anyone is vaguely interested!)...all this week there is a 'bac blanc' (like mock A levels) for my terminale students. So I have no terminale classes to teach this week. Therefore no 8am start today, yay! So I am working a very light 2-day timetable this week, consisting of 6 hours teaching time.

However this also means my room is required for some sort of exam-ness, so I have replacement rooms. Contrary to my concerns, I did manage to find the 'Salle Video' this morning. Unfortunately my students did not.

Well, quite clearly my students know full-well where the room is, they just didn't come. Unhelpful, some might say. And they can't even blame the faux-pas on being a clue-less foreigner like myself! So...I was here at 9am for a class that didn't show...and I don't have another class until 11am. It pains me to think I could have spent another precious 2 hours in bed! This 11am class had better bloody show up. If I get sent pupils who have already had the lesson I've planned I may scream.

(I would like to point out here, before we get any deeper into this post, that typing on a french keyboard is incredibly difficult. Whyyyy move the letters about? If I wanted a 'q' everytime I type an 'a' then I would request it one!)

I was concerned that, what with today being Valentine's Day and all, there might be some kind of horrendous staffroom protecol involve face-kissing and other formal salutations. Luckily I witnessed no such thing at breaktime. Although students did come round selling single roses, one of which was purchased by a married male teacher and given to a single female teacher. Some might call that quite the sweet gesture, but it's all a bit suspect if you ask me.

I feel like relations with my fellow (non english teaching) colleagues are becoming more awkward. If possible. I always say 'hello', 'have a nice afternoon' etc to the other teachers, but other than that I really have nothing to talk to them about. They are all quite a bit older than me and, in a very french way, rather moany. I just have nothing in common with them to chat about. And I'm sure they feel entirely the same way about me, as they certainly make no effort in return. I just come in, teach my lessons, and then bugger off back home again around lunchtime really. I don't necessarily have an issue with this, I just don't want them to think I'm being rude.

In other news, it is currently house-hunting time at uni in England. I'm sure you can only imagine the fun. Stressful, to say the least.

Well I have struggled on with this bloody keyboard for long enough now, So I'm going to go and maybe coerce some students into actually coming to a scheduled hour with me. Any students will do, I'm not fussy. Just bored. If I have left multiple 'q's in place of 'a's then I can only apologise. At least it kept you on your toes though!


P.S. Happy Valentine's Day. I'm not personally a partaker in the holiday, but I'm sure some of you are.  Not saying I'm adversed to it, just neutral. Unless someone wants to buy me a big gift. In which case it's my new favourite day of the year.

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