Monday, 4 October 2010

'Do you 'ave fesssbook?'

So, I officially started my job in the school on Friday. I am teaching in a lycee with students aged about 15-20. However, for the first 2 weeks I am just observing lessons, maybe participating in them a little, but not taking any groups on my own just yet.

Friday was very brief though, and today was my first proper day. I sat in on 5 lessons today, with 3 different teachers. The teachers are all very nice to me, but I definitely feel more comfortable with some than with other. There was one teacher today who just made me feel a bit uncomfortable in her class, and didn't seem to confirm anything that was unclear. But then I have been told that some of the teachers were perhaps less keen to have an english assistant, as they don't want anyone to be judging their lessons. However, I haven't experienced any negativity first hand, so i can't really comment on whether this seems to be true or not.

All of the classes I had today were fairly good. The students seem very well behaved at this school, which is good, as I'm not sure that discipline would be my strong point. The level of english varies between the students. But I think at the moment they're just nervous to speak it in front of me.

There have been a few funny and a few awkward moments. Especially when the students are told they can ask me 'anything'. The younger groups just ask about England and about your hobbies etc. Although I was asked if I have any children earlier. I know it's possible at 20. But no.

I had an older class today where the students were around 16-19 years old. I think I'll prefer teaching these groups, as it will be more interesting for me and their language should be better. Their questions to me were less innocent though! 'Do you 'ave fesssbook?' was one which I quickly changed topic after! There were quite entertaining though, as groups go.

I have no lessons tomorrow (Tuesday) and Wednesday is the meeting that all assistants have to go to in Lille. Luckily I'm meeting another couple of girls at Bethune station and getting the train with them. I am relieved because a) it means I have some friends and won't be alone! and b) I won't get lost!

Yesterday I attempted to get on a train and failed fairly epically. I bought the ticket, stood at the right platform, but.....just didn't get on the train for some reason. I was on my way to a teacher's house to have tea with her, which was very nice. A little bit awkward I suppose, but you have to say yes to things like this, especially when your town is as small as the one I am in. I am beginning to find this a little frustrating. Not just because it means I have to travel further afield to do anything. But also, it means that I don't know anyone in the town and there are no other assistants here. Can be a bit lonely at time. But nevermind. I am looking forward to meeting the other girls on Wednesday.

That's all for now I suppose. I promise I will upload my apartment photos soon!

A demain,


  1. Cant wait to see what your apartment looks like! I went to France last year and fell in love! Hope you have a good time x

  2. Yes I want to do a post with them in really soon! Maybe tomorrow when I'm done for the day at the school. Yes, definitely easy to fall in love with some parts of France :) xxx


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