Monday, 27 September 2010

Last post before I hop across the channel

Today is Monday 27th September. I am leaving on Wednesday 29th September. Early in the morning. Therefore I am beginning to feel slightly panicked about things that I need to do. (And obviously blogging about it is going to help tackle my to-do list...).

I haven't started packing yet. Which wasn't really a massive concern to me until everyone started asking if I had packed. I have, however, made a list! So I may tackle the actual gathering of all my worldly possessions today. Ordinarily, I don't travel THAT light. But I am going to have to try to this time. At least I'm travelling by car, so I can take more than I would be able to lugg around the train. I seem to have bought a 'back-up' product for many of the things that I use on a daily basis (like face cleanser etc). Probably a waste of packing space. I have to remind myself that I'm not moving to a third world country, and I will be able to buy things in France! Although I have been told before that things like that can be quite expensive in France.

One of things on my list of items to pack is teaching material. Christ knows what it is that I'm actually going to take though. I know that we're recommended to take magazines etc, but I don't know that my weekly copies of Heat magazine will be of much interest (or appropriate) for my students! I am glad that my first 1 or 2 weeks are just spent obsserving classes and I don't actually have to teach straight away. I think this is a good idea. Hopefully I'll be able to get a feel of the students' level of English and how they're used to being taught.

I re-read my last post and thought that I should probably mention that I do now have somewhere to live! I will be renting an apartment which seems to be converted from my landlady's rather large garage. A bit bizarre really. In a very french way. There are 2 apartments and I believe I am having the larger of the 2. My 'responsable' (the teacher who I have had contact with) and her husband sorted this all out for me. They suggested it, as it is where last year's assistant stayed for the year, and they phoned and everything to arrange it for me. In fact, they have been massively helpful, of which I am very grateful.

My parents and I will be driving to my their house from Calais on Wednesday morning. Then, as far as I am aware, we'll have lunch then they'll drive me to my apartment to unload the car etc. Then my parents shall leave and I am having dinner at my 'responsable's' house. Apparently the next day her husband is taking me into town to sort out a bank account etc. All in all, massively helpful.

I am quite excited about going now. If you'd told me 6 months ago that I had to move to France in 2 days I would have been terrified. But I actually feel like I'm ready to go now. I am obviously still a bit scared, but I know I'll be fine. And having had such a long summer back at home I definitely am ready to just go and do something, whatever it is! It isn't the teaching part that I'm apprehensive about really, it's the language and the prospect of not being able to express myself successfully. But I know this will come with time and practice.

Well...I suppose that's it for now! I should go and start minimising my wardrobe to take to France. (Although I have been told the dress-code as school is that I can wear what I like, so this should be fairly easy!).
So the next time I blog I will be in France. Ahhhh!


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